about papushka

Papushka vintage embodies a passion for what is old and beautiful in a very personal way. Growing up as a
little girl, my mother dragged me along on her treasure hunts to the local flea markets and house sales. We searched for antique soup dishes or crystal wine glasses to replace the ones that broke … In time, I learned about history and art, reflecting on each teaspoon or hatbox and wondering who loved it last…

Before long I discovered a passion for antique clothing and started a collection, one that inspired me to appreciate my own unique wardrobing style and vision. Today, I travel beyond the local haunts of my childhood, to Canada, Europe and Mexico to bring you a collection of vintage and vintage-inspired pieces that are as chic as they are playful and pretty. I hope they inspire you too.

Whether it be a delicate floral chiffon dress from the 1930’s, a pair of rugged, well-worn Harley Davidson boots from the 1970’s, or a Mexican embroidered skirt from the early 1940’s, papushka vintage promises to keep its collection fresh, stylish and extraordinary. Whether its designer or not, early Victorian or from the 1980’s - when standing side by side, beautiful clothing reflects a truly fabulous history of fashion! We cherish each piece for its own unique qualities, textures, details and design.

We encourage you to share in our enthusiasm and visit us in person when papushka vintage is at a local market or show, such as the Brooklyn Flea or the Pier 94 Antique show. Check back here to see where we are.

Please email us at info@papushka.com with your comments and requests for particular items. Papushka vintage will ‘go out in the field’ to find the item you need. Our website reflects only a tiny portion of an ever-changing inventory. As for the designers we all cherish, Yves St. Laurent, Halston, Gucci, Zhandra Rhodes and Ferragamo are currently in stock, to name just a few.


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